launch ceremony- HP Probook Series, HP Pavilion DV and G-Series

13th April – It was the eve of 13th April which marked the launch ceremony of Hewlett Packard newest laptops in the market – HP Probook Series, which is built for optimum productivity with sophisticated design, HP Pavilion dv and g-series, which features HP CoolSense Technology and have a variety of colours and styles that match your mood. This auspicious event was held in two cities, Karachi on 13th April and Lahore on 15th April 2011.

The event started off with the opening speech by Mr. Waqas Masud , GTM Lead, Personal Systems Group for AEC and Mr. Zahid, country lead for Hewlett Packard Pakistan. The two personalities expressed their gratitude and honored the audience with welcoming words. They also briefed them about HP as a company and its products with a specific highlight on the major products that were being launched.

This was followed by Mr. Faraz Noorani, Market Development Manager for Pakistan who introduced Hewlett Packard’s latest notebook series. His address was informative as well as interactive and

which educated the audience about the specifications and utility of the new laptop series of HP. This was not just an exchange of words, but demo stations were constructed at the venue encouraging the attendees to experience the product live. It was open to usage and anyone and everyone was allowed to use it at the venue.

Initially the attendees were greeted by 2 characters dressed in white and blue who were later disclosed to be 2 Cyprus ambassadors. There was a female whose name was Aphrodite and a male by the name of Dionysis who were present because HP is organizing their AEC Premium Achievers in Cyprus this July and they were there to say a big hello to everyone who was a potential candidate for this odyssey. The attendees were then entertained by a short video clip which truly portrayed the beautiful destination of Cyprus. Later, the audience was informed about the destination through an interesting and interactive method of questions and answer session where the person correctly answering form the audience was entitled to receive a gift.

Lastly, Faraz Noorani, again entertained the audience with his eloquent presentation on HP Challenge, MDM-Notebooks which was then followed by a sumptuous buffet. This was not enough to delight the audience, and they were all presented with souvenirs upon leaving the ballroom.

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